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Discordia OR Discordia Magna



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Discordia (EN|DE) - 2nd edition
+ Expansion/Promo "DISCORDIA SUN" + Cotton bag with "Discordia" print.

In Discordia, you develop your city by building farms, barracks, defences, harbours and markets, and by trading with ships.
Use your seamen, soldiers, merchants and farmers profitably, fulfil decrees and secure privileges. You must always act carefully, so that your city grows neither too fast nor too slow.
Will you have the best-developed city at the end of the fourth year, or will you manage to impress the empress before then and win the game early?
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Discordia Magna Expansion (DE|EN)

The “Discordia Magna” – expansion is only playable with the “Discordia” – base game and offers six new
City Maps with asymmetric starting conditions and 10 Magna Tiles (outposts) for greater variance and for
more tactical fun.
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